Sneak Previews

  Here are two previews from a new gallery, Kitchen:

Salt and Pepper
from set 08179

  This sticker can be used for gifts from your kitchen and for bookplates in your cookbooks.


from set 08170

  This sticker can be used to mark packages of foods that are parve and also for scrapbook pages and for cards to identify foods on a buffet.


  Here is a preview of a new sticker from our Symbols Gallery:

from set 08191


  Here is a preview of Girl’s Set, a companion set to Boy’s Set, from the Babies and Children Gallery:

from set 08168


  And finally, here is a preview of Patriarchs, a companion set to Matriarchs, from our Bible Gallery:

from set 08095

It is with great sadness that we announce that

Jewish Stickers has suspended operations

as of December 27, 2009.

We thank you for your past patronage.


We recommend using only a soft-tip permanent marker to inscribe your bookplates. Hewlett-Packard has warned us that using a laser printer may melt the coating on the stickers, causing damage to not only the stickers but also the printer. We advise against using inkjet printers, because of potential damage to the stickers. You use a printer at your own risk.

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